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Holiday Boarding and Lodging in Nagaon, Alibag just 15 minutes from the beach

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Sidz Cottage located in Nagaon village is 6 kilometres from proper Alibag city. Alibag is a serene town on the west coast of India not far from Mumbai. Alibag, by road, is a three-hour drive from Mumbai on a scenic stretch. Alibag is also surrounded by a group of smaller villages each with its own lovely beach. One of those villages is the Nagaon village in which our cottage stands. Experience the 'Heaven on Earth' by visiting our cottage in Nagaon.

Built as a comfortable home away from home, our cottages in Alibuag near Beach are equipped with modern fittings and also available is authentic delicious malvani cuisine catered to your needs, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

So come aboard the Konkan adventure, savour the real taste of the coastal belt with SIDZ COTTAGE!

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We offer an economical place to stay for visitors to Nagaon, Alibag in a peaceful and clean environment along with extremely tasty and healthy authentic regional food. Do enjoy your stay with us by making your way to any of our designated areas that relax and rejuvenate your soul.

Explore beautiful beaches and historic monuments

Places to explore

Humans explore because of an innate desire to learn the world around them. Travelling and exploring new places have many great benefits in terms of life experience. Due to increased tourism, the number of Resorts and Cottages in Alibaug have gone up, providing wider options to enjoy their stay. It is exciting to see new places and to experience the beauty, food and people of different regions.


Alibuag is one of the regions of Konkan where there is a lot of history and this history has left its foot prints back for us to experience it. Alibuag cottages near beach are most sought after for the extraordinarily beautiful view. Do explore these places and re-visit the era where kings and warriors carved stories of determination and valor. The forts and tomb stones in Alibag narrate a story.. listen to it and know all about our ancestors.

More Places to Explore


Explore KOLABA FORT(Alibag)







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It is located 1km across from Alibag beach. The Great Maratha-warrior Shivaji started the construction of this sea fort in 1680 A.D. The fort is 900 ft. long, 350 ft. wide and has 25 ft. high walls which have 17 bastions (burj) on all sides. The fort has been standing for over 300 years. The fort can only be accessed during low tide through a narrow strip of land which goes underwater during high tide. The huge front entrance arch has tigers, peacocks, elephants sculpted on it. Beyond that comes another small gate. Next to that gate are the shrines of Mahishasura and Padmavathi, Kanifnath, Sri Ganesh and the fort-deity. Next to them comes the sourthern gate which is variously known as Darya/Yeshwant Darwaja. Raghoji Angre built a beautiful temple of Shri Ganesh in front of the sweet water tank in 1759. The inner sanctum includes images of Sri Ashtabhuja Devi, Shiv, Vishnu and Surya. The collection of the pantheon lends it the name 'Shri Ganesh Panchayatan'. Within the premises, you will find a well and a tank of sweet water in the midst of sea! On one of the 17 bastions, two cannons in intact condition can be seen. The Archaeological Survey of India charges a token entry Fee for the visitors.

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The famous Kashid beach is located 18kms from Murud. The specialty of this beach is the beautiful slivery white sand. Literally dazzling silver on this clean beach. It's a favorite spot for advertising, TV serial and film shoots. The beach is complete with small-food stalls. If you are travelling from Alibag to Murud, the last U-turn in the Ghat section of the road that descends on the Kashid beach is simply mesmerizing!

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8kms from Alibag on Alibag Rewas Road, 150 works of art of the famous sculptor Late Mr. Nanasaheb Karmarkar are displayed in his own bungalow. The exhibition is open the whole day, all days of a week and a small entry fee is charged per head. Filming of the sculptures on camera is charged.

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Before Nandgaon, on way to Murud comes Borli village, 7kms to the left is this 'Game' reserved forest for the erstwhile Nawab of Murud. Today, this is a Government Sanctuary for rabbits, wolves, tigers etc. There is an information center, an exhibition, trekking facilities are made available by the government near Supegaon. These facilities are approachable on Murud-Roha road via. Supegaon at Usroli, 7kms from Murud.


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Vacation retreat near beaches of Alibag

About Alibag

Alibag is a small town on the coast of the Arabian Sea, with a vast seashore stretching from Rewas to Revdanda. Alibag is famous for coconut and betelnut plantations and a large number of historic places to visit. Lately Alibag has become a preferred weekend holiday destination for people from Mumbai and surrounding cities, looking for a beautiful getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban cities.

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